03 Feb 2015 Butlins 2015

This year’s set piece for the Butlins Brass Band Contest was an atmospheric piece full of character; a piece which many bands found difficult to put together.  Despite the band not being placed in the top three bands, they were pleased with their performance.  The tricky time signature in the third movement was performed well.  The band received some constructive criticism from their adjudicator, David Thornton, which, they will work on to enhance their performance in preparation for the area contest in March.



12 Jan 2015 Trip to the Seaside for First Contest of the Season

The band will be making the annual trip to the Mineworkers Contest, held at the Butlins resort in Skegness, over the weekend of 17th January.

12 Jan 2015 Not a Bad 'Contest Report' for 2014

Not a bad 2014 all told for the Leicester Coop Band. Competed at 8 contests, came 5th at the Butlins contest, 5th in the Regionals and not forgetting 1st in the Championship section at the Weston Contest!! Placed 195 in the world league of bands for the start of 2015.

06 Nov 2014 Double Entry at Wychavon Contest

As part of the long term improvement objectives, on the 1st November 2014, the band performed in both their own First Section level as well as the Championship section at the Wychaven Entertainment contest.

It involved a further two runs outs of the Frank Sinatra programme set developed and arranged by musical director, Graham Jacklin.

Whilst it was felt that the performances were somewhat more improved than the first run out at the Bolsover contest, the performance did not find any specific favour with the adjudicators, Paul Holland and Trevor Jones.

The performances both again included no less than ten individual soloists, who all presented without the aid of music.

02 Nov 2014 Best Entertainment at Bolsover Contest 2014

On the 5th October 2014, the band made their second attendance at the Bolsover Entertainment Contest, playing in the First Section. Musical Director, Graham Jacklin, became creative producer and developed a 20 minute 'Sinatra on Sunday' swing musical extravaganza.

The performance included no less than ten individual soloists, who all presented without the aid of music.

Euphonium Soloist, Steve Barham, commented 'I can confirm that learning your music off by heart is no mean feat, especially at the crucial moment just as you stand for your performance....'.

The principal soloist, Nick Lear, played the Eva Cassidy version of the classic song, Over the Rainbow.

A further audience enhancement included the configuration of the band in a novel dance band style 'V' formation, providing a large 'performance area' for the said soloists. A little like the performance area on the TV programme, 'Mock the Week'.

Whilst the band did not feature in the top three places, adjudicator, Brett Baker, awarded the band with arguably the most important prize at these types of contest, the 'Best Entertaining Band' in the section.

Soloists on the day included Gary Ball - Cornet, Richard Capstack - Cornet, Steve Barham - Euphonium, Nick Lear - Cornet, Dan Hudson - Cornet, Liz Barham - Trombone, Sam Lear - Horn, Ian Williams - Soprano, Jane Green - Baritone and Sharon Capstack - Baritone.

Although the following video clip is not from the Bolsover event, it is a pre Bolsover run out of part of the Sinatra set, performed at the Snibston Discovery Park Miners Gala 2014.

16 Sep 2014 Ball winning skills in Weston

In May 2014, the band celebrated victory in the Championship section at the popular Weston super Mare own choice contest.

Under MD Graham Jacklin, their fine performance of Eric Ball’s iconic ‘Journey into Freedom’ saw them claim the highest ranked contest prize in their 40 year history, with the added bonus of principal cornet player Nick Lear picking up a well deserved ‘Best Cornet’ award.

One better

"It's actually the second time a Lear has taken the prize," explained Nick.

"Last year my son Harry took the honours, although the band had to settle for second place - so it’s nice to be able to go one better this time around."

All four sections

The band has played in all four sections at the Weston event over the last 12 years, with Eric Ball’s music proving to be something of a lucky musical charm, as the band won the Second Section a few years ago playing ‘Resurgam’.


MD, Graham Jacklin told 4BR: "We're delighted with our win and really enjoy coming to play at the contest.

The whole band has been working so hard this year and it's starting to pay dividends."

He added: "I'd particularly like express my personal thanks to David Thornton, Keith Leonard (Derwent Brass) and Tony Wilson (ex Carlton Brass) for their help in preparing for this contest. Their input has been invaluable."

26 Nov 2013 Second Intra-band Quartet Competition

On 9 November, Leicestershire Co-op Band held its second intra-band quartet competition, this time including a senior duet section, training band quartets and mixed training / senior quartets.

The competition was followed by a meal and skittles evening which included the annual awards.

Training Band Player of the Year: Ed Culpin.

Bandsman of the Year, as voted by players: Iain McDonald.

Most Improved Player of the Year, awarded by the Musical Director: Steve Barham.

And the Winners Were.....

Junior Quartet: Robin, Hannah, Abigail and Fran

Junior/Adult Mixed Quartet: 'The Capstacks', Richard, Hannah, Fran and Sharon.

Open Duet: Shiela Dixon and Stephen May

Open Quartet / Quintet: Shiela Dixon, Steve Matthews, Brian Slee, Stephen May and Jane Green.

The Jim Ball memorial trophy was presented by Joan Ball.

11 Oct 2013 A most entertaining performance

Leicester Coop band had a successful day at Bolsover Festival of Brass on Sunday 6 October

The band won three out of the available six prizes in the first section; most entertaining performance, highest placed ex-colliery band and third place overall.

The programme had a Broadway feel linked together by an original storyline written and presented by Musical Director Graham Jacklin.

Adjudicator Keith Wilkinson commented "the concept of your programme was wonderful and you carried it off with some style".

Graham isn't going to let the band rest on its laurels.

"We set out to be creative, innovative and entertaining, whilst ensuring that the root of our performance was always high quality playing. We set the bar really high but I think we managed to achieve all those objectives in style.

"The only issue now is that we have to raise the bar higher next time, there’s always room for improvement. I’m sure we can do it. We have a great team of people who are all working towards the same improvement objectives, coupled with great soloists and ‘corner men’. We are all hungry for the next win!"

A full list of results is at

04 Sep 2013 Playing on a Sunday afternoon

One of the nice things about being in a band is that you get invited to play in some really nice locations

When the weather is good as it has been this year it's even better and we have enjoyed all the places we have visited over the past summer.

To give you a flavour of it, we asked someone to bring a camera to  a couple of this years concerts in Leamington Spa Jephson Gardens and by the river in Stratford upon Avon

We hope you enjoy the pictures on the band gallery page and we would like to thank everyone who has asked us to play for them this summer

17 Aug 2013 Success at the Ireland Colliery Chesterfield Band Slow Melody Competition - 16 June 2013

Players from the The Leicestershire Co-op Training and Senior band recently attended the Ireland Colliery Chesterfield Slow Melody Contest.

The event was adjudicated by Adam Rutter and David Thornton.

The following players and quartets were in the top 3 placings in their respective sections:

Harry Lear came First in the Junior Air Varie Section.

Hannah and Emily Capstack, Eve Gallimore and Abigail Barham came third in the Junior Hymn Tune Section.

Thomas Barham, Edward Culpin, Frances Gallimore and Harry Lear came second in the Junior Hymn Tune Section.

Steve Barham came second in the open Air Varie Section.

Sheila Dixon came First in the Open Duet Section (Playing with Patricia Woodings from the Newhall band)

Sheila Dixon came Second in the Open Quartet Section (Playing with the Newhall band)


A full list of the results can be viewed at 4barsrest

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